Our Guarantee

All Cobb & Co. Group Brands products come with our lifetime Gurantee, as long as the original product has not been tampered and or altered with in anyway.

The Lifetime Guarantee is non transferable & only available to the original owner of the product (whether you purchased the product or received the product as a gift). The original owner must complete the registration details online in order to return the product under the lifetime guarantee.

Clocks sold in Australia:

Cobb & Co. Group Brands Pty. Ltd will repair and or replace free of charge, all parts only, if it is found to be a manufacturing defect. If you wish to return your product under the lifetime guarantee terms and conditiions, please forward it (postage paid by you) to our factory.

When returning your product please include you name address describing in detail any problems you have with your product.

On returning please include a cheque/money order or payment details to Cobb & Co. Group Brands for the same amount you paid as this will cover the cost of sending your product back to you.

Our Factory Address is:

Cobb & Co Group Brands Pty Ltd.
P.O. Box 125
Eltham, Victoria, Australia, 3095

Click here to register your product & activate the lifetime guarantee

Clocks sold outside Australia:

Cobb & Co. Group Brands Pty. Ltd will replace parts only free of charge, if it is found to be a manufacturing defect. The consumer must cover the cost of the repairer.